ATC phraseology

Some expressions used by ATC in New York

JFK ground control

Alpha short Kilo = Taxi along Alpha and hold short of Kilo (stop just before Kilo).

Cross 22R at Juliet. You’ll be behind the Delta = Cross 22R at Juliet at taxi behind the Delta plane.

At Juliet transition to Bravo = At Juliet taxi onto Bravo.

Follow the 2nd Delta from the right = Follow the 2nd Delta which comes from the right (moving left in front of you).

Give way to American 117 heavy = Allow American 117 heavy to taxi / go before you.
Continue straight ahead.

Turn right on Zulu and at … you’re gonna follow … (gonna = going to).

Your sequence is .. – Your order in the ‘queue’ is….

American 117 heavy (A ‘heavy’ is a plane with a take-off weight of more than 136,000 kilograms).
Ramp = Apron.

JFK Approach

Pilot: JetBlue 746, 9000 (nine thousand) and we have uniform.

Controller: China Air 7587, heading 360, report when you get the field in sight.
Controller: China Air 7587, descend and maintain 16000 (one six thousand), altimeter 2969 .

Controller: Delta 91 heavy, descend to 13 (thirteen).
Controller: Delta 91 heavy, descend and maintain 3000 (three thousand).

Controller: Delta 6110 turn left heading 130.
Pilot: Left 130, 6110.

Controller: Cleared RNAV visual 13L.
Controller: Cleared RNAV 12L approach.

Controller: We can try to get you on the visual approach but there’s some precipitation coming in, what do you think about that?

Controller: Cleared to ILS 31R approach.
Controller: Slow to / reduce speed to 190 knots.
Pilot: Just to make sure, 6110 is cleared to 31R?

Pilot: Lufthansa 410 Heavy, with you.
Controller: Lufthansa 410 heavy reduce (speed) to 180.

Controller: Heading 340 until established.

Controller: Intercept the localiser 31R.

Controller: Cleared to visual, 31R (three one right).

Controller: Delta 782 speed is your discretion.

Controller: Squawk … and ident.

Controller: Altitude at your discretion.

Controller: JetBlue 2 traffic 5 miles east, a Challenger.
Pilot: Challenger in sight, JetBlue 2.

Pilot: Stuck mic on that frequency.
Controller: Try him on 134.55.

Controller: JetBlue 1562, Tower 191 (nineteen one) good day.
Pilot: Good day to you.

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