This website is for pilots, flight attendants or anyone interested in those careers whose first language isn’t English and who is trying to improve their English in an aviation context, needs to achieve ICAO level 4 or higher, or who wants to prepare for an interview in English.

The site

The material was created to specifically help students of Aviation English practice and improve their English in this context. This material can also help improve general English knowledge because the structures used in Aviation English are also used when speaking English in a more general context. Click the link ‘how to study using this website’ for ideas on how to study with the material on this website.

The materials created on this website have ICAO language proficiency level designations to give students an idea of the level of the material they are watching, listening to or reading. For example; a listening text with a suggested ICAO level of 3+ is suitable for students with an ICAO language proficiency level of 3, 4, 5 or 6 (ICAO language proficiency levels are from 1 – 6).

Level 4 is the level considered by ICAO as ‘operational’, which means that it is safe for aviation professionals with ICAO level 4 or higher to operate with communication in English. The material on this site is designed to help students reach level 4 and higher.

This material was also created with the ICAO aims of communication pyramid in mind.

Diagram of the ICAO aims of communication pyramid.
Diagram of the ICAO aims of communication pyramid.

The ICAO language proficiency levels suggested on this website are only suggestions, it doesn’t mean that if you understand a listening text with a level 4+, that you will get this result in an ICAO language proficiency test, however it can help you to get a general idea of your English language ability.

About the author

I’m Gareth and I’m the creator of Fly High English. I have a masters in Applied Linguistics from Trinity College – Dublin, have been teaching English since 2004 and focused on Aviation English since 2010. In this time I’ve worked with a lot of pilots and flight attendants studying aviation English. I’ve taught students from all over the world and helped many students to achieve their objectives; whether that was to improve their English in an aviation context, achieve ICAO level 4 or higher, pass an IELTS test or get their dream job at Emirates, Qatar Airways or another airline.

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