How do classes and courses work?

The classes and courses on Fly High English are designed for flight attendants, pilots and people interested in these careers. All classes are done via Skype or Zoom. This gives you the flexibility to continue your course wherever you are; at home, on layover in a hotel or even on reserve at the airport. Outside of class time you are expected to review things you have studied in your previous classes and also to do any homework given to you by your teacher.

Getting Started

If you don’t have a Skype account you can create one for free here or you can create a Zoom account here. You should add ‘flyhighenglish’ as a contact (in Skype or Zoom) to begin your course.

Before you start a course you usually need to do an evaluation. This evaluation is usually around 30 minutes and is free. It’s a good chance for you to test your internet connection and for us to get to know your level of English and what your objectives are. You don’t need to prepare anything for this. We’ll talk about your english learning history, your career, aviation in general and do a couple of activities if necessary. Remember this isn’t a test, it’s just for us to get an idea of things we might need to study or review in the future.

Course Content

Because your course will be just you, the content of it will be suited to your needs, if you want to do an interview preparation course and already have the required English level necessary, the focus will be on interview type questions and talking about your experience, your character etc.. For more information about the pilot interview preparation course, click here. For more information about the flight attendant interview preparation course, click here

If you do preparation for an ICAO test you do things which include; structure, vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, fluency and interaction practice. These are the same skills that are necessary for the ICAO test. For more information click here.

There is also a Fast track ICAO preparation course. This course is suited to people who have already done the ICAO test in the past and wish to practice some of the questions they will have in the test. Click here for more information.

If you do none of these courses, your course will be specially designed to focus on your objectives which are agreed with the teacher during the evaluation. Click here for more information about General Aviation English classes for pilots and here for more information about Aviation English Classes for Flight Attendants.

If you feel that you have the preparation necessary for a personal interview but just want to do a mock interview, Fly High English can help; click here for an Airline Pilot Mock Personal Interview and here for a Flight Attendant Mock Personal Interview.


If you cancel a class or mock interview two hours in advance, you don’t pay anything, if you cancel less than 2 hours before or you don’t cancel and don’t appear for your class or mock interview, you must pay the full value for the class. Class cancellations should be done by email.

Unless otherwise agreed, classes and courses are valid for twelve months. So if you purchase classes on 5th February, you can take those classes until 4th February of the next year, if you don’t take all of your classes within these twelve months you will lose them.

Working via Skype or Zoom sometimes creates unexpected internet problems, in this circumstance there is no charge for cancelled classes.

Normal Classes

For a normal class you’ll need a device for connecting to Skype or Zoom and an internet connection to support video calling. Usually this is a laptop computer but you could use a tablet or a phone. You’ll also need something to write your notes on, this could be paper or again it could be your computer, tablet or phone.

Next Steps

Organise an evaluation, to do this, click here and decide on a day and time that’s good for you. Everything that you see on that page is available for you to reserve but be careful, the times you see are zulu / UCT times, so check the time in your location to avoid missing your evaluation. Send an email with the selected time and it’ll be organised for you and you’ll receive confirmation that it’s been organised.

Even before you begin your course, you can practice your English on this website, click here and start to practice your English.

Social Media

If you like to use social media you can like Fly High English on Facebook here or follow Fly High English on Twitter here. There’s lots of material there to help you study English.

I hope to see you soon and if you have any questions, just contact me!