General English Classes


One hour of class focused on General English. Suitable for students at any level of English with objectives agreed with the teacher before starting.


Flexible classes focused on General English to help you improve your ability to speak in English. Objectives can be agreed with the teacher in advance to help each individual student maximise their time.

Emphasis is placed on speaking and listening, two of the most important skills in English, practice is also provided to improve pronunciation, increase vocabulary and writing skills. All of this extra practice helps to improve a student’s ability to understand in a more precise way for their day to day work life or when travelling.

This course uses a book when appropriate to help students maintain and improve on their level of English. This course is suited to anyone who wants to improve their English.

An evaluation can be done before the beginning of the course to establish the level and specific needs of each student, ensuring a course specific to each individual.

Contact Fly High English for a free evaluation and more information about which course is best for you.