ICAO Level 4 Classes


Individual one-hour classes designed to help pilots or people who are interested in this career achieve ICAO level 4.


At Fly High English we have courses for pilots of all abilities and levels of English who want to reach ICAO level 4 or higher.

Before starting any course or classes, each student should do an evaluation and then the teacher can plan and organise a course for each individual student.

The course length for each student is different and depends on each student’s abilities, how often and how much they study. The following are estimates of the time necessary to achieve different ICAO levels.

Phase I (ICAO level 0 – 2) – 20 classes, 60 minutes each
Phase II (ICAO level 2 – 4) 30 classes, 60 minutes each
Phase III (ICAO level 4 – 5) 30 classes, 60 minutes each

These classes are for students who don’t have a lot of knowledge of English and want to improve their English to reach ICAO level 4. They are more suited to pilots or people who are interested in this career.

Teaching Pedagogy
The teaching pedagogy for this course is what is known as CLIL (Content and language integrated learning). There is a dual focus on content and language. Real-life topics which are relevant to the professional environment that pilots work in are used which create interest and motivate the student during communicative activities. The teaching promotes the noticing of language features which emerge from the topics discussed. The skills assessed in the ICAO test are developed and specific-focus skill development is used when required.

You can read more about this course here.

You can contact Fly High English for a free evaluation and more information about which course is best for you.