ICAO Level 4 Course

At Fly High English we have courses for pilots of all abilities and levels of English.

Before starting any course, each student has to do an evaluation. This gives the teacher an idea of each student’s level of English, their current contact with English and English learning history. With this information the teacher can plan and organise a course for each individual student. The evaluation usually lasts approximately 30 minutes.

After the evaluation the student starts normal classes. The classes are 60 minutes each.

The course length for each student is different and depends on each student’s abilities, how often and how much they study. The following are estimates of course lengths.

Phase I (ICAO level 0 – 2) – 20 classes, 60 minutes each
Phase II (ICAO level 2 – 4) 30 classes, 60 minutes each
Phase III (ICAO level 4 – 5) 30 classes, 60 minutes each

Development of ICAO course from level 0 – 5

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