Airline Pilot Interview Preparation Course


Ten-hour course focused on preparing pilots for a personal interview.


Are you thinking about moving abroad and working for another airline? Are your worried that your English needs to be better to pass the interview process? Or are you unsure about how to answer those difficult questions about your weaknesses or mistakes you’ve made? Then let Fly High English – specialists in interview preparation – help you prepare for your personal interview!

This interview preparation course will help you to improve your English and develop the skills and tactics necessary to pass your personal interview. It’s concise, focused and will provide you with all the information you need. It’ll help you to boost your confidence to pass the interview and start the next chapter in your aviation career!

Course length: 10 hours (10 classes)

Some things you can expect to learn about in this course;
* The phone interview and how to deal with it.
* What’s involved in a personal interview.
* How to create a positive impression with every answer.
* How to answer the most difficult questions including your strengths and weaknesses.
* How to physically present yourself in an interview.
* How to control your non-verbal communication.

Practice is also available with the following skills (if time permits)
* How to deal with psychometric tests.
* Math tests in English.
* Compass test strategies.

This course is suited to pilots who should have at least ICAO level 4 before starting.

Teaching Pedagogy
The teaching pedagogy for this course is what is known as EMI (English Medium Instruction). The focus is on content and not on English Language development. Certain issues with English language knowledge can be addressed if needed but this is not the focus of the course.

What our students think
“Gareth is an excellent teacher and knows all the details required for the Personal interview.

The course is very good and after each class Gareth provides a study material and a great feedback about what is important to know and grammar mistakes. The course helped me a lot and I successfully passed”

You can contact Fly High English for a free evaluation and more information about which course is best for you.