General Classes

If you already have ICAO level 4 or higher and don’t need to do the test again in the near future, you might want to continue improving your level of English without focusing on a test.

In this case, general classes could be what you need. These classes are flexible and can have a specific focus that students can request. This could be a focus on email writing, improving grammar / structure knowledge, improving pronunciation or something else. There are many possibilities open to the student. These classes focus on a few things depending on the needs of each student. For many people who don’t have the chance to speak English regularly, the class focus could be on practicing spoken English and developing speaking skills. These objectives can be organised with the teacher before classes start and can change if needed.

If you don’t have a specific objective, don’t worry, the teacher will plan a course for you that helps you to improve the different skills of English including; listening, speaking, reading and writing. The teacher identifies areas of difficulty and special attention is given to those areas so that each student continues to improve.

Sometimes a book can be used in these classes if suitable.

There are three types of general classes at Fly High English

  1. General English Classes: If you don’t want to spend your time focused on Aviation English or if you want to mix Aviation English and General English topics then the General English classes are best for you.
  2. Flight Attendant Aviation English Classes: If you’re a flight attendant and wish to improve your English in the context of Aviation English specifically for flight attendants, then these are the classes for you.
  3. Aviation English Classes: If you’re a pilot looking to practice Aviation English then these are the classes for you.