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777X Update

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What do you know about the new plane Boeing is currently testing, the 777X? Take some notes.

Listening & Writing

Listen to the following short audio about the 777X programme and try to write what you hear, exactly as you heart it. You can listen as many times as you want. After writing, click on the link below the audio to read the text and correct what you wrote.

777X Update Audio

Help: If you found the listening too difficult check that you know the meaning of the following words; assume, unique, duration, certify, variant, wingspan, wingtips. Use an online dictionary such as Longman.

Pronunciation Activity

Listen to the audio and read the text at the same time. After you listen a few times, try to read the text yourself out loud, be careful with your pronunciation and intonation.


  1. Are the following words nouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, adjectives or something else?
    • assume
    • unique
    • duration
    • certify
    • variant
    • wingspan
    • wingtips
  2. Do you know their other forms? Write as many as you can think of.
    • e.g. assume [verb] > assumption [noun] etc…
  3. Find two examples of the present perfect in the text. What are the ‘time references’ for these verb forms?
  4. What’s the different between these two time references? Try to write three present perfect sentences with each of these time references (6 sentences in total).
  5. Find the pronouns (me, she, his, hers, this, that…etc.) in this text and write them. Who / what do they refer to?


Think about another plane that you know. Make some notes about it, then record yourself speaking about it for 90 seconds. Listen to your recording and try to correct any mistakes you hear, after that record your audio again.

Follow-up Activity

You can find more information about the 777X by checking the Boeing website for information, news and updates.