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787-9 at Farnborough

Here’s an interesting video that reports on the debut of the stretch 787, the 787-9 at the Farnborough International Airshow and how it’s different to 787-8.

Suggested ICAO level: 5+

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1. Who was the first launch customer for the 787-9?
2. How much longer is the 787-9 than 787-8?
3. How many extra passengers can it carry?
4. Which plane can fly further, the 787-8 or 787-9? Why?
5. What is different about the leading edges of the horizontal and vertical stabilizers?
6. When will 787-9 enter service with its launch customer?
7. How many business and premium economy seats do they have in the aircraft?

The Boeing 787-9 debuts at the Farnborough air show

The Boeing 787-9 is makings its debut at the Farnborough air show. We talk to Boeing about what it means for the airframer and Air New Zealand about its plans on entry into service Find out more from the Farnborough air show on our dedicated show page at

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