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Airbus Vs Boeing’s widebody strategy answers

Here are the answers to last Friday’s video, enjoy!

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

1. He says that their products cover everything from 200 – 500 seats and they compliment each other in terms of their size, range, efficiency and economics.
2. He says that their planes match what their customers say they want. He also says that the A330neo, A350 and A380 correspond to what Airbus’ customers want.
3. She suggests that Boeing has the advantage at the moment. She uses the expression, ‘some believe Boeing is delivering the punches which Airbus is having to duck’ to suggest this.
4. He says Boeing has a more holistic strategy, covering everything from 240 – 400 seats, and with the 747 defending the VLA sector. He describes Airbus as ‘a bit more reactive’, with the A330neo as an illustration of that. He also says that the A330neo-900 was launched to defend against the 787-9.

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