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COVID-19 UK airport procedures

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What should local authorities be doing?

Answer the following questions about the current COVID-19 situation at UK airports

  1. What is currently happening / has happened in relation to COVID-19 at an airport that you are familiar with?
  2. Are the measures enough in your opinion?
  3. What extra do you think that airport authorities should do?
  4. What extra do you think that governments should do?

Watch the first video below with UK Housing and Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick where he is asked about current measure in place at British airports.

Video from ‘Good Morning Britain’
  1. What does the UK Housing and Communities Secretary say is the current procedure?


  1. What word does he use to introduce his answer? (after the tv anchor finishes his question)
  2. For what purposes can we use this word?
  3. Do you use this ‘speech marker’ when you speak?


Here’s another short video from the BBC’s 5 Live Breakfast radio show in which Rachel Burden questions the the Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden in relation to screening for passengers arriving at UK airports.

Notice the moments when he has false starts, he repeats the word he wants to use a few times before he begins his utterance.

  1. What words does he do this with?
Video from ‘5 Live Breakfast’ radio show