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Landing gear problems

Here’s the text to the listening from yesterday.


An Embraer ERJ-145 was scheduled to depart from a small regional airport in the north-east of USA. Everything seemed fine as it took off with 45 passengers on board. 25 minutes after departure, the crew was informed that there was tyre debris on the runway. The crew didn’t know if this debris was from their landing gear or not. They continued the flight as normal and when they arrived at their destination, they performed a low pass over the runway and asked for controllers and others on the ground to perform a visual inspection of the landing gear. Everything seemed to be normal, and they continued with another approach to land. They landed safely but after disembarking the passengers, the ground crew looked more closely at the plane’s landing gear. They had damage to the inboard left-hand-main tyre. This also caused damage to the flaps and the plane was removed from service until repairs were completed.

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