Vocabulary: 32 most common verb forms

Here are 32 of the most common verbs in English and their forms in the infinitive, past simple and past participle.

be, was/were, been
have, had, had
do, did, done
say, said, said
get, got, got (U.S. gotten)
make, made, made
go, went, gone
know, knew, known
take, took, taken
see, saw, seen
come, came, come
think, thought, thought
want, wanted, wanted
give, gave, given
use, used, used
tell, told, told
ask, asked, asked
work, worked, worked
feel, felt, felt
try, tried, tried
leave, left, left
call, called, called
can, could
eat, ate, eaten
speak, spoke, spoken
read, read, read
buy, bought, bought
drink, drank, drunk
live, lived, lived
like, liked, liked
write, wrote, written
play, played, played

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