IELTS Academic Preparation Course


Ten-hour course focused on preparing candidates for an IELTS test. If you need to do the Academic IELTS test as part of the entry requirements to study a university course in English then this is the course for you.


Fly High English – specialists in test preparation – can help you pass your English test!

Are you thinking of studying a university course in English? Do you have to do an IELTS Academic test to demonstrate your level of English? Then this is the course for you. A short ten-hour course to help you prepare for the four parts of the IELTS Academic test, this course will give you all the preparation you need to become familiar with the test, practice its four parts and develop the skills to maximise your result.

Course length: 10 hours (10 classes)

Some things you can expect to learn about in this course;
* The test format and requirements.
* What to focus on in the speaking test.
* The different types of writing activities in the test.
* How to organise and structure your writing to maximise your result.
* Tactics in the listening test to avoid common mistakes.
* Techniques to improve your reading score.

This course is suited to people who already have an intermediate level of English and need quick preparation for the IELTS General Training Test. Depending on the result you need to meet the university requirements, extra classes may be required to improve the overall level of the student before beginning this course.

Teaching Pedagogy
The teaching pedagogy for this course follows a deductive learning approach due to its short ten-hour length. Rules, procedures and processes for different parts of the exam are explicitly taught and then practiced to maximise the learning in the class time available.

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