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Space bins

In an effort to increase passenger comfort, Boeing has introduced the latest change to their 737, ‘space bins’, which offer passengers more room for their hand luggage.

Try to answer the following questions about the video and come back on Monday for the answers.

Suggested ICAO level for video: 4+

Have a great weekend!!

  1. In your opinion, do you think that bigger storage bins are something that passengers want? Why?
  2. How many bags can fit into the standard overhead storage bin?
  3. How many bags can fit into the new ‘space bin’?
  4. In your own words, how is that extra space ‘created’?

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Boeing’s new 737 Space Bins Hold 50% More Bags

Boeing’s new Space Bins answers the call for more space to stow carry-on bags. Each of the larger Space Bins will hold six standard sized bags, two more than the large current Boeing Sky Interior pivot bins installed on many Next-Generation 737s.