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Structure: too vs either

The difference between ‘too’ & ‘either’

This time in our structure help we talk about the difference between too and either. These two words are used in the context of adding a secondary point which is negative, however there is an important difference between them. Look at the following example.

We didn’t have good weather two days ago and we didn’t have good weather yesterday either.

In this case we can use either (but not too) when we have; negative statement + negative statement. Let’s look at when we can use too.

I spoke to the chief pilot, but I didn’t speak to the captain too.

In this case we can see that the structure is a little different, with too we use; positive statement + negative statement. We can use as well and also in the same way as too. Here are some more examples.

I didn’t send the report on Monday and I didn’t send it on Tuesday either. (negative + negative)

I had a simulator session in the morning, but I didn’t have one in the afternoon too / as well / also. (positive + negative)

We didn’t have to go around and the flight after us didn’t have to go around either. (negative + negative)

I met the captain for a coffee, but I didn’t meet the co-pilot too / as well / also.

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