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The high tech tools searching for MH370

Here’s a video describing the high tech tools being used to search for MH370.

See below the video for the full text.

Suggested ICAO level: 4+

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“The hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is growing ever more high tech. To narrow down the search zone, a device called a pinger locator is lowered into the water and pulled behind a ship. When a ping from the jet’s black box is detected, a signal is transmitted up the tow cable where searchers can hear it and judge its strength. They do this over and over to triangulate the location of the black box. Once the location is confirmed, a robotic mini-sub will be deployed. The robosub sweeps the sea floor with sonar pulses identifying objects below and creating a visual map of the crash site. If an accurate site is ever identified a remotely-operated submersible will be sent to the sea floor to collect materials.”

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