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Video: ‘Solar impulse food & clothing’

Fly High English - Video

Not forgetting the Solar Impulse project that’s currently waiting for the weather to improve in the pacific, here’s an interesting video that reports on the diet and clothing of their pilots. How do they fly for 40+ hours and eat at the same time? What clothes do they wear? Check it out below.

Try to answer the following questions about the video and come back on Monday for the answers.

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

  1. How is the diet of the Solar Impulse pilots customised?
  2. What’s their menu based on?
  3. Talk about the pilots’ suits?

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Solar Impulse Airplane – The Pilot’s Food & Clothing – #Discover

Solar Impulse’s pilots have customized diets for the #RTW Solar Flights. This is based on their nutritional needs and tastes. Food is also a form of reward and motivation for the pilots when alone in the sky for several days and nights.