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737 & A320 cockpit differences answer

Here are the answers to last Friday’s video, enjoy!

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

1. There are many differences metioned, so let’s group them by category;

Instruments: 737, analogue with 4 flight displays (primary flight display and navigation display).
Instruments: A320, glass cockpit (primary flight display, navigation display, 2 more displays.

Throttle: 737, can be moved by hand as well as autothrottle.
Throttle: A320, throttles not moved by the autothrust system, can only be moved by the pilot.

Overhead panel: 737, all of the switches need to be flicked, it can be difficult to see if a switch is on or off in a hurry.
Overhead panel: A320, most of the switches are pushable, good because you can quickly see if one is on or off.

Control of the aircraft: 737, by yoke.
Control of the aircraft: A320, by sidestick (joystick).

Stabilizer trim: 737, controlled manually by flicking a switch.
Stabilizer trim: A320, autotrim and is only used manually when there is a computer failure.

In the event of a failure: 737, use the QRH (quick reference handbook).
In the event of a failure: A320, use the QRH or use the instructions on the ECAM (Electronic centralized aircraft monitor).

Comfort: 737, not much space to rest your feet, write or stand up.
Comfort: A320, lots of space to rest your feet, a table to write or eat on and space to stand up.

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