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Aviation Week flies the A350

Here’s an interesting video from Aviation Week which shows their chief aircraft evaluation editor flying the left seat of the A350.

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

  1. What’s unique about the A350 for Airbus?
  2. What’s special about the wing on the A350?
  3. What’s significant about .85 Mach?
  4. How much thrust can each A350-900 engine produce?
  5. Describe the layout of the A350’s cockpit?
  6. Why did they use reduced thrust for takeoff?
  7. What’s the final verdict on the plane?

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Aviation Week Pilot Report: Airbus A350

Aviation Week chief aircraft evaluation editor Fred George flew left seat in Airbus’s new big twin, the A350, with Airbus chief test pilot Peter Chandler in the right seat and Christian Norden on the jump seat as safety pilot.