Fast Track Santos Dumont English Assessment (SDEA) Preparation

If you are a pilot flying in Brazil and have to do the Santos Dumont Test again then this course can help you to do your best. The course is 10 classes (10 hours) in length.

ICAO Skills

If you have maintained some contact with English since your previous test and want to do some practice before you do the Santos Dumont English Assessment (SDEA), this is the course for you.

This course is ten hours long and covers the following topics;

  • An overview of the different parts of the test.
  • Practice with general questions related to aviation, your career and what to listen for with these questions.
  • A quick review of the basic structures necessary for level 4 (if necessary).
  • All of the most common vocabulary needed to be successful in the test.
  • Practice with sample aviation-related audios.
  • Instruction on the procedure for describing a picture.
  • Practice with pictures used in past Santos Dumont tests.

You can contact Fly High English for a free evaluation and more information about which course is best for you.