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Structure: ‘nouns 2’

Fly High English - Structure

This time in our structure help we continue to talk about nouns. This time though, we have a closer look at the words and expressions that we can use before these nouns. As you’ll see in the diagram below we have to use one of these words and expressions before a countable singular noun, but we don’t have to use one before a countable plural or uncountable noun. After you have a look at the diagram, look at the examples below it for further clarification.

Types of nouns
Types of nouns

Example 1; we can’t say ‘I have pen’ because ‘pen’ is a countable singular noun and requires one of the words or expressions before it. So we can say; ‘I have a pen’ or ‘I have my pen’ or ‘I have the pen’ or ‘I have your pen’ and there are many other possibilities, but we have to use one.

Example 2; we can say ‘I have pens’ because pens is a countable plural noun and doesn’t require one of the words or expressions above.

Example 3; we can say ‘I have money’. ‘Money’ is an uncountable noun and also doesn’t require one of the words or expressions above.

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