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Structure: ‘Wherever, whenever, whatever, whoever’

This time in our structure help we talk about a few words which can often be misunderstood or confused with other words. When we use ‘ever’ at the end of certain words, the idea is that something isn’t important or that it doesn’t matter. So let’s look at some specific words; wherever for example means that the place isn’t important and is often used is response to an open question.

Where do you want to fly? Wherever, I just need to find a job.

In this situation, the answers means, the place isn’t important for me, it can be any place. Similarly we have the word whenever.

What time can we talk tomorrow? Whenever, I’m free all day.

In this case the time isn’t important, it can be any time during the day. We can also use the words whatever and whoever to say that the thing or person isn’t important. Let’s look at examples of those.

What would you like to eat after we land? Whatever, I like everything.
Who do you want to help you with the luggage? Whoever, I just need a little bit of help.

What we can see in these explanations and examples is that when we use ‘ever’ at the end of those words, it has the meaning, it doesn’t matter when, where, what or who.

Now try to write some examples of your own, similar to the ones you read above.

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