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Video: ‘Airplane Chemtrails’

Fly High English - Video

This week’s video discusses chemtrails. But are they real and how are they formed? Watch the video to find out.

Try to answer the following questions about the video and come back on Monday for the answers.

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

  1. Are chemtrails real? What are they mostly made of?
  2. What does water vapour need to more easily become ice?
  3. What else do airplane engines add to the process?
  4. When will there be no contrails at all?
  5. What determines how long the contrails last?
  6. How are wisps created?

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Have a great weekend!

What Are Airplane Chemtrails, Really?

Some think the trails behind planes have mind-altering chemicals, but do they really? Here’s the difference between chemtrails & contrails. Why Do So Many People Believe In Conspiracy Theories? – Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here – Read More: Contrail Science “Contrails are clouds formed when water vapor condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust.