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Video answers: ‘Which country are international airports in?’

Here are the answers to last Friday’s video, enjoy!

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

  1. These people are in the Netherlands in a legal sense, but not in an immigration sense.
  2. When someone clears the US customs in Dublin, they are in US in an immigration sense, but Irish laws still apply, except for the US border agents, who are subject to US laws, although they’re in Ireland too.
  3. It’s technically international territory, allowing the UN, if necessary, to make their own laws that supersede US laws.
  4. Between the two towns in Estonia, it’s possible to cross the Russian border and re-enter Estonia without any documentation at all, provided that you don’t stop between the two towns.
  5. It possible through one of the many unguarded border crossings between US and Canada.
  6. It’s essentially a Canadian town, stuck in Alaska, with the only roads connecting it to Canada.
  7. According to immigration law, you’re not in any country. From a legal point of view you could be in the origin country, destination country, the country where the plane was registered or the country whose airspace you’re flying through.

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