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Video: Why are jumbos disappearing?

This week’s video describes the role of jumbo jets in aviation and why they are disappearing from the skies.

Try to answer the following questions about the video and come back on Monday for the answers.

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

  1. What problem did the 747 rectify?
  2. Why did Boeing want to be economical in the building of the 747?
  3. So what did they do to be economical?
  4. What’s the first reason these jumbos are disappearing?
  5. What’s the second reason these jumbos are disappearing?
  6. How much was the development of the A380 and will it ever be recovered according to the video?
  7. What do business passengers want nowadays?
  8. Why does the A380 work for Emirates?
  9. What’s the future for these two planes?

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Why are the Jumbo-jets disappearing?

Thanks to our sponsor: Why are the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A380 loosing ground against competing aircraft types? Why aren’t these majestic giants of the sky ruling like they once were and what does the future look like for them. These are some of the questions I will cover in this video.