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Video answers: Why are jumbos disappearing?

Here are the answers to last Friday’s video, enjoy!

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

  1. It rectified the problem of increased intercontinental traffic.
  2. They wanted to be economical because they believed that the future of aviation would be supersonic jets and didn’t want to lose a lot of money on their investment.
  3. To make the plane more likely to be a success, they designed it to be both a passenger jet and a cargo jet.
  4. The first reason that jumbos are disappearing is that it’s expensive to operate and maintain four engines.
  5. The second reason that jumbos are disappearing is that aviation nowadays is becoming more of a point-to-point system instead of a hub-and-spoke one.
  6. It cost €25 billion euro and will never be recovered according to the video.
  7. They want more flights at different times of day instead of bigger aircraft with less frequency.
  8. It works for Emirates due to Dubai’s geographic location as a hub which connects different parts of the world.
  9. The 747 will slowly disappear as a passenger plane (but not as a freighter), while the A380 could survive if the industry returns to a hub-and-spoke system.

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