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Pay with Apple Pay & Google Pay

In order to continue making your experience on Fly High English easier and more seamless we’ve now added the ability to pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay. Whether you’re on a mobile device, tablet, laptop or using your desktop computer at home you won’t need to pull out your credit card in order to make a payment, you can just use Apple Pay or Google Pay. In order to see these buttons on payment pages when making a purchase you’ll need to have either Apple Pay or Google Pay already set up on your device, then the buttons will appear on the relevant pages. If you don’t have one of these set up you won’t see it as a payment option. In addition to being a convenient way to pay, these methods use extra security features to protect your credit card details.

Classes and courses can be paid for using Apple Pay or Google Pay

So if you use one or both of these payment options you now have another place where you can use them, if not, now might be the time to give one a try.

You can of course use a Visa or Mastercard as normal if you don’t use Apple Pay or Google Pay.