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Video answers: Running out of pilots

Here are the answers to last Friday’s video, enjoy!

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

  1. A person needs a university qualification, a private pilot’s licence, a commercial pilot’s licence, 265 flight hours, an ATPL licence and then around an extra 1500 flight hours.
  2. To accumulate these hours pilots work as flight instructors, fly skydiving planes, tow banners or work for airlines flying small single-engine planes.
  3. Usually their financial situation is difficult, with large debts to pay and a low salary.
  4. Getting to and from the airport, passing through security, attending the briefing, inspecting and preparing the aircraft, boarding passengers, deplaning passengers, packing up filing paperwork all form part of a pilot’s routine in addition to just flying the plane.
  5. More senior pilots want to fly international flights because they accumulate more flight hours per flight than domestic pilots and have more free days as a result.
  6. Emirates flew 46 planes to Dubai World Central Airport and left the planes there for months because they didn’t have enough pilots to fly them.
  7. Large American carriers have needed to fast-track younger pilots through the system earlier in order to keep their pilot numbers up.
  8. Regional airlines have needed to cancel routes as a result, even though they were likely profitable.
  9. The idea to increase automation to the point where only one or less pilots are needed has drawn a lot of criticism.
  10. The industry could help stop the decline in pilot numbers by making the cost of training much lower.

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