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Structure: ‘due to vs because’

Fly High English - Structure

This time in our structure help we talk about the difference between due to and because. Both of these expressions have similar uses, they both relate to the reason for something, although the structure around each one is different.

Let’s look at because first.

They arrived late because they had to avoid the bad weather.

So after because we use subject + verb. Let’s see another example.

I didn’t eat the in-flight meal because I wasn’t hungry.

No let’s take a look at due to.

They arrived late due to the bad weather.

So after due to we use a noun (without a following verb). Let’s see another example.

Everybody was asked to remain at the gate due to a delay.

Again, after due to we use a noun. Sometimes it’s possible to use because or due to, sometimes only one is possible (our example about the in-flight meal isn’t easily constructed with due to), but it’s always important to know the difference and how to use each one.

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