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Structure: ‘going to’ for future

Form: be + going to + infinitive verb.

It’s necessary to conjugate the verb ‘be’ in the present simple form (I am, you are etc…) and then use ‘going to + infinitive verb. The infinitive verb should be your main verb in this form.

Use 1: talk about future plans which you thought about before you speak.

eg 1: I’m going to meet a friend tomorrow.

Use 2: to talk about future predictions when you’re sure about the prediction.

eg 2: The company is going to hire some new pilots next year.

Take a look at the diagram below for more information, then practice some sentences yourself. It’s also useful to go back and check out using the future simple (will + infinitive verb) and try to clarify the differences for yourself.

Uses of ‘going to’ for the future

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