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Structure: ‘another’ vs ‘other’

Fly High English - Structure

This time in our structure help we talk about the difference between another and other. These two words look similar and are used with similar meanings, but they are different. Let’s look at how they’re different.

Another is used with countable singular nouns to mean ‘extra’ or ‘additional’.

Let’s look at a couple of examples;

Can I have another cup of tea please?
We needed to perform another approach because we were too high.

Other is used with countable plural nouns also to mean ‘extra’ or ‘additional’.

Let’s look at a couple of examples;

The company has other planes. (countable plural noun)
We have other problems to solve.

We can also use the expression the other to mean ‘the last’ person or thing in a group.

Imagine you’re standing with a friend at the airport and you see a group of three people. Your friend asks you if you know the people, you say;
I know Peter and John, but I don’t know ‘the other’ guy.
Here ‘the other’ guy is the last person in the group.

Speaking about two planes you can see;
I know that plane is a Cessna, but I don’t know ‘the other’ plane.
Again, ‘the other’ plane is the last plane in a group of two.

Now try to write some examples of your own.

Here are some expressions with other.

the other day – used to refer to a non-specific time in the past
I met Peter the other day.

on one hand… on the other hand – used to express a contrasting point of view
On one hand, a new runway would solve a lot of problems, on the other hand it would create some different problems.

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