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Structure: ‘Past continuous (& past simple)’

Using the past continuous

You are probably familiar with the present continuous (eg I am working). The past continuous is a similar form to that.

Form: Subject + ‘be’ (in the past form) + verb-ing

Use 1: We use the past continuous to say that something was in progress at a specific time in the past.

Example 1: I was working last weekend. (last weekend is the ‘specific time’ in the past)

Use 2: To indicate the an action (past continuous) was in progress when another action (past simple) happened.

Example 2: We were approaching (in progress) to land when a bird hit the windshield.

Check the diagram below for more information about when we often use this tense and try to make some example sentences of your own.

Using the past continuous (& past simple).
Past continuous (& past simple)

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