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Video answers: Why do planes fly so slowly?

Here are the answers to last Friday’s video, enjoy!

Suggested ICAO level for video: 5+

  1. In 60s commercial aircraft began to break the sound barrier.
  2. Supersonic travel didn’t last because of the extremely loud supersonic boom and the inefficient use of afterburner engines that made them very expensive.
  3. They fly at between 900 and 930 km per hour.
  4. Nowadays modern planes are a little slower, but they’re wider, less noisy, more manoeuvrable, more comfortable, less expensive to maintain, more fuel efficient and cheaper overall.
  5. There’s no reason for them to fly faster. If they fly faster they’ll only arrive, on average, 30 minutes earlier at their destination. The downside to this is that they’ll be more expensive to operate.

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