How do Classes and Courses Work?

Click here for information about classes and courses with Fly High English, how they are organised and how they can help you.

ICAO Level 4 Course

This course helps students achieve ICAO level 4, the minimum operation level of English required for pilots. Click here for more information.

Fast-Track ICAO Preparation Course

This is a quick-preparation course for pilots who have already done the ICAO test in the past and want to do some practice before doing the test again. Click here for more information.

Pilot Interview Preparation Course

This course prepares pilots for a personal interview process. Click here for more information.

Flight Attendant Interview Preparation Course

This ten-hour course prepares flight attendants for an interview assessment. Click here for more information.

General Classes

If you don’t have a specific test or interview to focus on but want to improve your English level overall, these General English classes are what you need. General classes are divided into General Aviation English Classes, Flight Attendant Aviation English Classes and General English classes. Click here for more information.